Hosepipe Ban

Thames Water are bringing in a hosepipe ban from 24th August 2022. This applies to the allotment site. Please don’t use a hosepipe for watering your garden, allotment or plants after that date, until the ban is lifted. The ban applies to hosepipes and anything attached to them, like sprinklers and jet washers.

You can use mains water from a watering can or bucket instead of a hose – but please make every drop count and help protect the environment and our precious supplies by only using water where you really need to.

Mobility issues?

If you’re a Blue Badge holder or are on our Priority Services Register with a mobility issue, you can still use a hose for watering your garden/allotment and plants under Exception 12 of the temporary ban. Please call into the office for your hosepipe permit if you are eligible.

People with severe mobility problems who hold a current Blue Badge as issued by their local authority will not be prohibited from using a hosepipe to: (a) water a garden attached to a domestic dwelling, (b) clean a private motor vehicle, (c) water plants on domestic or other non-commercial premises, (d) water allotments where the Blue Badge holder is the tenant, (e) fill or maintain a domestic pond, (f) clean walls or windows of domestic premises, (g) clean paths or patios; or (h) clean other artificial surfaces.

See Thames Water legal notice for full details.

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