Group visits policy


  1. Define what is and isn’t a group for the purposes of this policy
  2. Provide guidelines on how SHAS will accommodate such groups on the allotment site


A group is three or more persons who are non-members and who are on site at the request of a current plotholding member for cultural, educational, training, employment or similar reasons connected with an external institution or formally constituted association or grouping of persons with a special interest (the sponsoring body). This is referred to as a formal group.

A group is also six or more persons who are on site and are friends and/or family of a current plotholding member, of school age or older, with no connection to any external association or special interest grouping and comprised of non-members of the Society. This is referred to as an informal group

Formal groups

An application must be made to the Committee by the plotholding member, advising the following, where applicable:

  •  the age range of the group
  • the ratio of staff to students, where the purpose is educational or training
  • the usual date, times and length of group visits
  • any health, safety, security and emergency protocols issued by the sponsoring body
  • risk assessments and relevant insurance provisions, if any
  • provide an indemnity to Spa Hill signed by a representative of the sponsoring body

Applications meeting the above criteria may not be unreasonably refused.

Informal groups

Any plotholding member wishing to host an informal group of non-members must advise a Committee member in advance and agree the following:

  • all individuals in the group must obey the By-Laws at all times
  • the group should stay on the plotholder’s plot at all times except for entry, exit and use of toilet facilities

The plotholding member inviting the group is responsible for their actions at all times whilst on site and will be held accountable for any damage or incidents of any kind.